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a) The purpose of enforcing publication ethics policy is to make sure that the publication is of highest quality and also to reinforce public trust in publications and make sure that the people involved in publications receive their due credit for their efforts. Our journal follows standard guidelines laid down by COPE. (https://publicationethics.org/core-practices)

b) After receiving articles from the authors, all submitted manuscripts will be subject to double-blinded peer review process (identities of authors will not be revealed to the reviewers and identity of the peer reviewers will not be revealed to the authors).

c) Plagiarism – Plagiarism literally means some or parts of the ideas or works of another author is claimed as his own and to use it without crediting the source or without proper citations. Authors should make sure that they have cited all the sources while preparing the article. Our journal uses online plagiarism check software. Articles that have been found to be plagiarized will be summarily rejected and already published articles will be corrected or retracted.


Once after receiving an invitation to review the article, reviewers will not involve in any type of manipulation of the article. However, they may provide suggestions to the authors regarding language corrections and also grammar corrections. Over editing of the article and criticism is not done at the end of the review process. All reviewers maintain confidentiality and submit the reviews to the editorial board confidentially and not to the authors.


Editors strive to ensure that review of manuscripts is fair, unbiased and timely. It is our responsibility to ensure that the material submitted to the journal remains confidential when under review process. Editors also make sure that people involved with the editorial process including themselves have adequate training and have kept abreast of the latest guidelines, recommendation and evidence about review and general management of the journal. All the editorial board members strictly follow COPE guidelines and take all reasonable steps to ensure the quality of the material being published.



Once the articles are published in the journal the authors give unlimited rights to publish the articles in any format, language and medium for any lawful purpose to the journals .The authors however retain the non-exclusive right to do anything they want with the published article provided attribution is given to the journal with details of original publications


All the articles published in the journal are available to the end user free of cost without any log in. Researchers are free to share,copy or re-distribute the article with proper citations.


Authors should disclose any financial or personal conflict of interest at the time of submitting the article.


Editorial content and articles of the journal are not influenced by sponsorship or advertisement. Advertisements are allowed only on the side panels of the web pages. These are not tagged or linked to any particular manuscript. Advertisements are not allowed within or immediately following an article. We accept advertisement from all professional bodies, advertising companies and Google for front inside cover and back cover (inside and outside).